3D Printing


PRUSA i3 Mk2/S Fused Filament Printer

We actually have two of these workhorse 3D printers designed by Josef Prusa.  This printer creates highly detailed prints from a wide range materials. Using newly formed composites, the choices of color and application is virtually limitless. Up to four colors of materiel can be combined into an individual print to create fantastic looking creations.

Whether you need a prototype for production mock up or presentation, a prop for a photo shoot or a low production part that would be too expensive to have made by conventional processes, we can crate that piece for you.

Materials Available

• Nylon
• Polycarbonate ABS
• Carbon Fiber PETG
• Flexible TPE or TPU
…and more

Composite Material

Composites combine a material with a binding polymer helping you produce a 3D object that looks, acts and  in some cases smells like the material you are emulating

• Glow in the dark
• Magnetic Iron
• Bamboo
• Sandstone
• Cork
• Wood
• Steel
• Conductive
• Copper
• Aluminum
• Chocolate
…and more