Flatbed Printing Services

From banners and wall graphics, to doors and glass, we can print artwork on a just about any flexible or rigid print media (substrate) that you want. There’s virtually no limit to what we can print on for you. So long as it fits on our Mimaki JFX200-2513 we can print on media that’s up to 1.97“ (50 mm) thick. Colors come out vibrant and true, with high-resolution detail up to 1200 dpi.

With the Mimaki JFX200 we have the ability to print on virtually any flat surface up to 4′ x 8′.

We can print white ink

Using white ink to highlight a spot or a specific area on a surface can help make your print more vibrant and enticing. White ink can be used to highlight spots on surfaces such as a mirror or Plexiglas or on backlit signs, giving them a depth and richness that wasn’t possible before.

The combination of white ink and a large-format printer also means that it’s now possible to think outside the box of traditional printing materials, and explore just how creative you can be with your printed graphics.

In addition to white ink, we offer the following Printing options:

• Full-bleed printing
• Double side printing
• N-up printing (multiple copies printed on the same piece)
• Nested printing (similar to N-up, printing can be of different originals and sizes)

Some examples of things we can print:

• Point-of-purchase and point-of-sale
  (POP/POS) Interior or Exterior signs
• Exhibition and tradeshow displays
• Event graphics
• Wall graphics
• Backdrops
• Interior decoration
• Rigid signs
• Furniture (such as glass table tops)
• Packaging comps
• 3D displays
• Corrugated plastic
• Realtor signs
• Super-market floor signs
• Banners

Combined with our expertise in graphic design and product photography, we can produce striking large-format prints for your product or business. We can also create perfectly aligned two-sided prints with the same vibrant color and high-resolution.

Call us to talk about your large format printing need and be sure to ask about our commercial and product photography services. You can also send us a note via our Contact Us page.