CO2 Laser Printing

NEW! It’s finally here.

NRT Graphics is extremely excited to announce that we have the latest in laser technology.


Material Capability

Thickness: Varies by material; can cut most 1/4″ (6mm) plywood and acrylic on one side; twice as thick by reversing and cutting from both sides with optical alignment.
Passthrough slot allows the use of material that’s up to 1/4″ (6.3mm) high, up to 20” (50.8cm) wide, and as long as desired
Passthrough software uses the camera to maintain alignment as long material is pushed through the printer.

Cuts & Engraves on

• wood
• fabric
• leather
• paper
• cardboard
• plexiglas (acrylic)
• Delrin (acetal)
• mylar
• rubber
• cork
• sandpaper
…and more

Engraves on

• glass
• marble
• rubber stamps
• stone
• ceramic tile
• anodized aluminum
• titanium
• corian
…and more

To find out more about this increadable machine contact us by email, phone or stop by our office to see it in person